Handling Complaint

Handling Complaint

Strategic Business Issues

Sales is becoming more complex than ever: tougher competition, product “commodity-zation”, and highly knowledgeable and demanding customers. Even your salespeople have changed and become more demanding. You may have been successful in the past, but running your sales team using old strategies may not bring you the same results in the future.

The Challenges

The new sales challenges and environment require new Sales Management approach. You need a Sales Manager who lead, not only manage; motivate, not only pressure. You need a “Consultative” Sales Persons who recommend “solutions”, rather than “products” to their customers. Whatever your challenge is, whether it is low sales productivity, high salespeople turn-over, consistently unable to meet your sales targets, low morale among your sales team, we can help you improve and get better results.

Our Solutions and Approach
1. Consulting

ASL Consulting Consulting will work with you to identify your pressing business issues and prioritize your areas for improvements. Using a comprehensive framework of sales effectiveness (please see the following chart), we will work closely with your team to identify the right solution, whether it is sales process management, compensation design, skills training and development or sales team measurements, customized to your specific needs.

2. Training and Development

In training and development, we can help your managers and salespersons improve their knowledge and skills in the areas of:

Sales Management Strategies
Sales Coaching for Managers
Basic Selling Skills
Lead Management
Corporate Sales Strategies
Sales Presentations

Utilizing an adult-learning methodology, we will bring the workshop audience through a journey of practical, skill-oriented learning and discovery through lectures, exercises, case studies, discussions, presentations, and real life applications.

For more information regarding the right Sales Management Solution for you, please contact us.

Personal Care
Super Support

Change Management

Project Management

HR Solution

Balanced Scorecard


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